Black Cat Appreciation day, well it is if you are in the USA. If you are in the UK the official day is 27th October 2016. I’ll probably be otherwise occupied that day though as it will be our 10th wedding anniversary, so thought I’d celebrate early by appreciating Black Cats today. The first one I thought of course is Jeffrey, my hubby’s black cat and the 6th cat I’ve lived with. He died a couple of years before we got married, but you never forget a cat who has owned and trained you. Our cat - Geoffrey

All of my other gorgeous black cats, with the exception of Alisdair from Essex and the sibling and mother of another, are gatos pretos Portugês or perhaps they are gatas?!

I’m never too sure if it is good luck or bad luck if a black cat crosses your path but here is an excellent public service film to explain some of the other misconceptions.

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  1. We used to have a black cat called Sally. I’m not sure about the “black cats are not scary” bit! She could be quite a terror at times. Much loved all the same.

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      1. Only a terror sometimes! A strange creature – terrified of other cats but could lash out at people if they approached too suddenly. She was a rescue cat so I think she was very insecure because of bad treatment in the past and was expecting to be hit 😦

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