Unusual for us a second birding trip in England in a year, the first you may recall was two months ago in Essex. Winds and Lesser Black Backed Gulls upsetting the birdsIt is unusual because usually we are so busy with catching up with friends, family, the bookshop and the house when back home we rarely get out and just potter. Last week though we were lucky enough to join our friend Anne in south Hampshire. Yesterday I briefly mentioned the stroll, today here are some of the birds which were the cause of the brevity of that stroll!

The winds were quiet strong last week, resulting in unsettled birds,changing skies and small white ponies out on the Solent. I can’t really call the white tops horses as they weren’t that big! Some of the birds though were definitely struggling, either hunkering down in the grasses or walking sideways as fed out on the mud flats. Which might also explain why my birding shots are not as focused or clear as I usually take.

One of the highlights was the Lapwings. LapwingOnce a regular sight in the UK, their numbers have declined significantly in recent years. They are in fact now on the Red List of Conservation Concern. They are not alone; 1 in 4 UK birds are now on the Red List and some of them such as puffins and turtle doves, are facing global extinction. Terrifying what is happen in our life time. If you want to help some of the 67 birds on the list by making a donation to the RSPB Red Alert Campaign then click here.

Lymington YachtsWhether you enjoy birding or not the marshes and lagoons between Lymington and Keyhaven are well worth visiting as the views from the coastal paths are lovely. The walks are easy and there are also plenty of places to stop for lunch. I realise I forgot to mention yesterday when we did have lunch in the end. We wandered up Lymington High Street and found a lovely little cafe serving crab sandwiches. Delicious! if you do enjoy birding though can you help us? The ducks are mid moult and so we haven’t yet been able to identify them. Can you?To be identified!

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