And to be specific I’m at the front door of St Bartholomew’s, the parish church. It is a door I walk past every time I stroll from home into the city of Winchester.Door of St Barts

I’ve always liked red wooden doors and also old doors through archways so to have the two combined with the flowers in front is irresistible. Goodness knows why it has taken me so long to include it in Norm’s Thursday Doors.

The ‘History of the County of Hampshire describes it as follows; ‘The doorway has a semicircular arch of two orders, with a label ornamented with billet and lozenge; the outer order is moulded and the inner has two lines of zigzag and is for the most part old, inclosing a modern tympanum. The jambs have a pair of engaged shafts on each side with richly carved capitals, all entirely modern copies. The old work dates from c. 1120, and doubtless comes from Hyde Abbey.‘ As is believed did the stoup in the porch which was found in 1879 and placed here by Lewis Humbert the then vicar of St Bartholomew’s.  Saint Bartholomew's

References: ‘Winchester: Churches’, in A History of the County of Hampshire: Volume 5, ed. William Page (London, 1912), pp. 69-76. British History Online [accessed 14 July 2016].

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  1. What a beautifully kept red door…the hinges make such a contrast….and the stone arches before the door are just glorious, as are the flowers!

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  2. I like everything about this … the stone work, the arched doorway and the fabulous red door. And the history!! Wow.

    Perfect timing to take photos when the flowers were all in bloom!!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 it is a wonderful. I really should not have taken 16 years to walk through it though!!


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