On Friday Ailsa’s Travel Theme came up I found myself making a very deep hmmmmm. I had a strong suspicion that I didn’t travel well in pastel and that my photos would reflect that. Initially that was the case as I only found a few pastel shots in my English and American albums, and the one of the colours at sunrise was unusual as it was the deep red fires on the other side of the mountains that were causing it.

However as I stepped further back in my travel history I suddenly remembered that pastels and I had had a love affair in 2004!

We were in Napier, New Zealand when I was drawn to the pastel shades. Napier, as you may know, was devastated by an earthquake in 1931. Napier, a pastel cityIt remains the deadliest earthquake to hit New Zealand, with nearly 300 people killed. The rebuilding programme which followed was heavily influenced by a building style that was immensely popular throughout the world at the time – Art Deco. These are just a few of photographs from my travels in New Zealand over a decade ago now.

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  1. I visited in the late 1980s. Napier wasn’t on our Footloose bus tour, and I wanted to see the Art Deco buildings, so we hired a little car and drove around the North Island for a week.

    Lovely photos!

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    1. Oh sounds perfect. We used the public buses in NZ so there was so much I didn’t see. Would have love to have spent longer on north island.
      Thanks for popping by

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    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ it was taken at about 5am. Was taking my step-daughter to bus station very early so decided I might as well get something positive out of the hour!

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