Taken me far too long to discover A ‘Lil Hooha but at least I now have thanks to Jennifer’s Blogging Challenge Planner. Every month PJ shares a theme on the 1st and then on the last day of the month we get to post five photographs taken that month in response to the theme. Simple!

Well almost simple apart from the fact this month the theme was ‘Photographer’s Choice’ so I had a slight panic when it came to selecting the five. Then it came to me I have been to five gardens this month so why not choose one from each of those gardens. And so I have, starting with a vegetable patch especially for ‘The Edible Garden‘.

The Kitchen Garden at Lainston House Hotel in Hampshire
Bishop of Llandaff looking more like a monster in my mum and dad’s garden
Where once there were dozens now we are lucky to see one. A Red Admiral in my garden
Abbey House
In the grounds of Abbey House, the official home of the Mayor of Winchester
In one of the flower meadows at Wisley, RHS Gardens

28 thoughts

  1. Welcome to the challenge and I hope we see you in future months! 😀

    I think you did a good job with the theme this month. It’s always hard just to pick five when it’s such an open theme like this one was. Love the second one down. Really cool shot!

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  2. Hi Becky, loved all your pictures but especially the one of Wisley as when we lived in London we used to visit at least twice a year as every time we went there was something new to see. The flower in your mum and dad’s garden reminds me of the plant in Little Shop of Horrors, just a much prettier colour.

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    1. Thank you so much Pamela . . .Wisley is wonderful isn’t it. It is the half way point for a friend and myself, and so we are meeting there regularly for walks, As you say always something new to see
      hee hee . .I know!! Going down there tomorrow just to check it isn’t 😉


  3. Welcome to PJ’s Photo Blogging Challenge. I really enjoyed seeing those lovely gardens thanks to your collection of photos. My garden here in Canada is particularly challenged this year…deer are eating off the cherry tree and apple trees and everything I planted in the veggie garden. The rabbits are helping them out. And the magpies keep eating the strawberries. For this first time in 25+ years of gardening I’ve been asking myself why I even bother. It’s great to see photos of more successful gardens to remind me why it’s worth it! Thanks.

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    1. Oh no – deer are so destructive. I’ve never had them but my parents have. Over night whole shrubs have gone 😐
      Do hope they all move on soon and that you get your garden back.


    1. Thank you so much Tina . . . . I love pottering in gardens. Mine is a bit of a wilderness at the moment though which is why I did a close up of the butterfly! However the other 4 gardens I went to are glorious 🙂


  4. Hi BeckyB
    I like what you did with the theme. I love all your shots , especially the butterfly which I recognise as a UK species am I right? I love the pastels in your last shot they make the flowers feel like a summer dream.

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    1. Thank you so much Clare, and yes it is a British Butterfly but not unique to the UK. They are also seen in mainland Europe and in North America . . . they can travel huge distances as they are a migratory butterfly.

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  5. A perfect choice for a mid-summer’s photo topic. These garden shots are beautiful. I agree, that Bishop of Llandaff flower looks very formidable! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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  6. For the second one, all I could think was FEEEEEED MEEEEEEEE from the little shop of horrors! Awesome! These are beautiful. What a lovely garden. The colors in the last one are especially beautiful!

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    1. PS just looked at your choice of 5. Fantastic. Have been trying to leave a comment but without success so far. Suspect because I’m on my phone. I’ll keep trying but just in case – Oh double wow of the one of the Osprey. I’m happy if I get one in the distance. This is amazing. In fact they are all great 😊


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