They can also though be an extension of thought (omen), materials for reasoning (evidence) and according to my Roget’s Thesaurus Conditional Inter-social Volition! I think all of mine though are communicating ideas, what do you think?

The picture below reminds me of one of our families stories. My grandmother once saw in an office window on the 8th floor the words ‘To Let’, the only thing is she read it as toilet and thought it most odd to be advertising them up there!  Think this sign is much clearer.Alfama Toilet, Lisbon

If you like signs and find like me you have a surprising number in your archives then why not join Cee and her amazing community with her Fun Foto Challenge. I suspect though you won’t have one like this.Made me smile

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    1. In England I can recall when ‘hard toilet paper’ was found in public toilets to cut down on usage, one of my grandparents liked it so much that was what they used at home too!

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