Monsoon weather here in England today although without the warmth! Best thing to do is stay indoors, which reminds me of another very rainy day 5 years ago when we were in Washington DC. Too wet to stroll we looked through our list of places we wanted to go, and the Library of Congress caught our eye. It’s glorious inside.Library of Congress

One of the oldest cultural institutions in the USA it was perfect for a wet afternoon in the capital and I hope also for Ailsa’s Indoor Travel Theme. Hope the weather has improved for you Ailsa or are those wild storms still keeping you inside? Library Ceiling

Looking at the weather forecast for DC it looks like it is going to be gorgeous there today, however thunderstorms are forecast for so if you are heading that way maybe add the Library of Congress to your itinerary. Here’s the official link to find out more.

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  1. Ha ha ha… you scare me. We are heading there in a couple of days. I quickly checked the weather. It will be very hot, but no rain.
    Thanks, Becky.

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  2. I love the interior of the Library of Congress – there are so many interesting literary references hidden in the building’s art and architecture. It’s the perfect thing to do on a rainy day. There’s also a tunnel between it and the U.S. Supreme Court building, so if it’s raining it is possible to travel between the two without getting wet!

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