Over the weekend I received an irresistible invite from Wild Daffodil, so today thanks to Sandra I am joining Cathy and the rest of the fiends with their 52 week photo challenge. I might even try to do this weekly, but don’t hold your breath as remember I am only occasionally focused and sometimes inspired!

Close up above a door, with the number of 11 and two round shapes below. One looks like a bike wheel, the other a cog
Round – above a door in Portugal

In case you were wondering, as it probably isn’t that clear from my title or the caption, the prompt for this week is ’round’! The top half of a green door above which are two arched windows and a balconyI think these round shapes were simply added for decoration, but I cannot be sure as I only have one other photograph of them and as you can see that doesn’t tell us much more. What I can tell you though is that I took the photograph in Olhão da Restauração. Olhão is a fascinating town in south Portugal, where for the last few years we have been lucky enough to live for most of the winter months.

For more information and dare I say fabulous photographs of this lovely town do please visit my other blog. I’d be delighted to say hi to you there too. And if you are feeling creative or are looking for ’round’ inspiration then you must go and say hi to one and if not all of the four fab photo fiends. Their lovely blogs are all quite different so well worth trying them all.

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