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BuzzingOur bees are declining and if they disappear, as two species already have in the UK, then we risk creating a world without flora. There has been a 45% decline in ‘commercial’ bees in the UK since 2010, and it is happening in north America and Europe too. Bees are an essential part of the eco-system, with up to 90% of wild plants existing because of them and other pollinating insects. It is not just our wild flora they pollinate; a third of all our food is pollinated by bees and other insects. Without bees humans would have to pollinate our fruit trees and crops, but we are not very good at pollination. That became very apparent to me yesterday as I tried to photograph the honey bees in my garden. We are much much slower, quite awkward at times and definitely too big!

We need to Save Our Bees. Finally a close upThe good news is the British government did recently turn down a second request by the National Farming Union to use bee-harming pesticides, however this was the second request. They could ask again, and I’m sure other governments are also under pressure to lift pesticide bans. So as tomorrow is ‘Don’t Step on a Bee‘ day I’m asking all my lovely followers and the wonderful Six Word Saturday community for help (my title was six Cate!). As well as avoiding stepping on bees today and in the future, could you take a moment or two to do one or more of the following;

  1. Buy locally produced honey or even adopt a beehive thereby supporting beekeepers in maintaining the bees we still have.
  2. Having a cleanPlant native and bee friendly flowers in your garden,even if it is just a few in pots in the yard or window boxes. Visit here for ideas on what flowers to plant or make a small donation to Friends of the Earth and receive a Bee Saver Kit.
  3. Help highlight the crisis by signing a petition or sharing this post. There is clear evidence that insecticides are the main cause for the decline but climate change, industrial style agriculture, and destruction of habitat also play a huge part. Big business and governments can all help eliminate these causes or at least encourage ecological farming practice which helps bees. However we need to encourage big businesses and governments to do this. By signing a petition, telling friends about the crisis and/or writing to your MP you can help keep this issue high on the agenda for action. Go on do 1, 2 or 3 (or all 3) and help make a difference.

Wisley beeBut whatever you do, don’t step on a bee!

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    1. Very envious of you and your neighbours. I’d love to but we go away for months at a time and so not really practical 😐


  1. Vary informative, Becky. One of our friends who owns a cranberry marsh has to rent several boxes (box?) of bees every year to pollinate the plants. I can see why we need bees.
    Thanks for a great post.

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    1. Thanks Debbie . . . . . so do I especially when as I did this morning I saved one from getting a headache as it tried to find its way out through a window.


  2. Great post, which I’ve shared on Twitter. I’ve already signed most of the petitions going round. Let’s hope this is one thing the government manages to get right! (We do still have a government, don’t we?)

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    1. Thanks Anabel, like you I have signed quite a few of the petitions going round but thought another one wouldn’t harm given the uncertainty of the world at the moment. I think there is a government but am not totally sure!!

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