I hadn’t planned to write a second post today but when the Daily Post appeared in my inbox with its glass prompt I thought ‘hmm maybe, perhaps my Chihuly’.  I wasn’t though totally convinced until Ailsa’s Chihuly ceiling in her excellent Travel Themes popped up a little while later. And that was it I couldn’t resist today’s Daily Post!

The reason of course it all became irresistible is that my glass required me to Look Up. So I thought clever ole me a two for one submission. I could have easily made it three for one as the Chihuly was all indoors but I fancy doing something different for Ailsa. So an ‘indoor’ should be following soon :-). Plus by keeping at two I can also share these outdoorish (is that a word?!) glass look-ups. Although I will admit the people in the last are not listening to Nancy’s cry of look up! An opportunity missed by them me thinks.

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