2016-06-18-18.24.05.jpg.jpegIn 1864 Houlston and Wright published their 22nd edition of ‘Enquire Within upon Everything’. The editor advising that they will be happy to assist you ‘whether you wish to model a flower in wax; to serve up a relish for breakfast or supper; to supply a delicious entree for the dinner table; to plan a dinner for a large party or small one’; to cure a head ache; to get married; to bury a relative; to establish acquaintances according to the rules of etiquette’; whatever you may wish to do, make, or enjoy, provided your desire has relation to the necessities of domestic life’. All you need do is Enquire Within.

And so I did . . . . . I wasn’t sure what I would find given this excellent book seems to cover virtually everything any of us could possibly ever want or need to know or do. I was though hoping to find something fun or unusual for day three of The Quote Challenge. The paragraph on frugality looked interesting, the recipe on milk lemonade unappetising and I was intrigued by the risk of accidents when reading in bed. I laughed when it told me my name means ‘plump’ and doubted I would ever need to learn how to clean marble. Then paragraph 792 caught my eye.

Soft words soften the soul.-Angry words are fuel to the flame of wrath, and make it blaze more freely.  Kind words make other people good-natured — cold words freeze people, and hot words scorch them, and bitter words make them bitter, and wrathful words make wrathful. There are vain words, and idle words, and hasty words, and spiteful words, and silly words, and empty words, and profane words, and boisterous words, and warlike words. There is such a rush of all other kinds of words in our days, that it seems desirable to give kind words a chance among them.

Kind words produce their own image on men’s souls, and a beautiful image it is. They smooth, and quiet, and comfort the hearer. They shame him out of his sour, and morose, and unkind feelings. We have not yet begun to use kind words in such abundance as they ought to be used.

What excellent advice, and still very relevant in 2016. In fact in light of recent events in Birstall I’ve decided again to ignore rule three of the quote challenge. Rather than invite three bloggers to post their own quotes I am going to ask everyone who reads this to do a little something for me.

Can you please share a kind word with someone today, and ask them to do exactly the same tomorrow.  I’m hoping that by the end of the week through the magic of WordPress and our face-to-face interactions we – as in the world – might just begin to use kind words in the abundance they ought to be used.

Thank you.

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  1. My church-going days are long behind me but that called to mind Proverbs 15:1 on which it’s maybe based. “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” I like your pay-it-forward idea. Sad times.

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    1. Suspect it probably is given the rest of this brilliant book and the approach they have taken to collating and sharing their pearls of wisdom.
      Thank you so much for popping by today, and here’s to happier kinder times.

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