20160618_102321.jpgA bear, however hard he tries

Grows tubby without exercise

Our Teddy Bear is short and fat.

Which is not to be wondered at.

But do you think it worries him

To know that he is far from slim?

No, just the other way about-

He’s proud of being short and stout

the last verse of Teddy Bear from Very Young Verses, A.A.Milne

Not only it is day two of The Quote Challenge but it is Six Word Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚ I had all sorts of ideas for this morning but after an encounter with the bathroom scales they all flew out of the window. Fortunately however I remembered Teddy Bearย and all was well again.

So well in fact I’m going to break rule 3 again and invite everyone who has read this far to also partake in The Quote Challenge. Go on have a go, and share three quotes over three consecutive days.

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