On Wednesday I was nominated for a challenge, but somehow I managed to completely miss it until today – apologies again Old Mamasan but wishing you a very happy if somewhat belated 44th Birthday. Wasn’t 1972 a great year Olive!

Colin's mumThe great challenge Olive has given me is The Quote Challenge. I love this challenge did it last year and just as excited this year to be challenged again. In fact I feel as excited as my grandma clearly did one Christmas.

You never quite know where The Quote Challenge will take you. For the reader a chance to meet new bloggers and to read a quote they may not have come across before. For those taking up the challenge it’s a chance to reflect and to share a little bit about themselves through the quote they select. Today my reflection was mostly about time and this brought me to this anonymous quote. 

Winners meet life challenges head on, knowing there are no guarantees. They give it all they’ve got and never think it’s too late, or too early, to begin

I’d like to think this is applicable to us all in everyday life . .  .  . what do you think?

I’ll be back tomorrow with another quote but if you want to play too the ‘rules’ are as follows:

  1. For three consecutive days, you have to post a quote.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who has nominated you – in my case the amazing Olive of Travel Much?
  3. Each day invite three different bloggers to join in.
  4. Don’t forget to let them know you have nominated them!

Well this is day one of rule one for me, I’ve just done point two and so guess it is on to point three and to invite some fabulous bloggers to The Quote Challenge. So here goes . . .

  • Tabby – I do realise this really might not be your thing but I couldn’t resist inviting you as I’m sure you have some great quotes under your paw.
  • Ron – you always make me smile so am hoping you might be able to share some scrambled quotes for us.

Yeah I know it said three but I’ve never been one for following all of the rules!! Perhaps I’ll do three tomorrow . . . . by the way if I have invited you there is no need to RSVP just play along if you can and want to, or if you can’t or this isn’t your thing then no worries have a cup of coffee (or tuna!) instead and know I’m thinking of you today.

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  1. Thank you for this quote today! How did you know that is exactly what I need these days? Are you sitting inside my head? – And if you are, are you scared yet? *giggles*

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