I am meant to be catching up with scheduling posts but feeling a bit adrift this morning. I think I’ll finish my cup of tea and wander off to the post office. Another type of post task I also need to do today! Before I go though here are two feline friends we made last week in Rowhedge, Essex. Thanks to the wonderful Nia for the inspiration.

Essex friends
Ruby and Alisdair

Ruby and Alisdair were our airbnb hosts in Rowhedge. They were lovely as were their humans Kim and Andrew. We had a wonderful time in Rowhedge, and just thinking about our stay has made me feel a little better already 🙂

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  1. Beautiful cats, I love the top picture (the garden looks lovely too). Unlike your earlier commenter, I don’t think cats should be kept permanently indoors – for the same reasons it makes me sad to see animals in cages in zoos. Cats kill, but that’s nature.

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    1. I agree it is nature and all we can do if we have them is discourage with bells and keep them in and feed them lots at critical times.
      PS their garden is stunning. Such a wonderful place to stay 😊

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    1. They can unfortunately . . . . Ruby whilst we were staying there caught a squirrel. It was grey one though and they are pests so perhaps that was a good thing. My own fortunately have not caught for a few years now, one because she’s too old and the other because his double bell collar ensures he’s unsuccessful.

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