I’ve realised since I got back that I have got out of the habit of posting here. We’ve been busy but not that busy! Anyhow I thought I’d catch up today with another weekly small pleasures. DSCN0700I forgot though to take any photographs so before I share some of my smiles from this week, here’s a photo of me and my mum from the week before. We were both feeling happy after putting together her new garden table and had to sit out despite the cold! Hope you have smiled a few times this week, hasn’t the weather been great.

Sunday’s a blank, but the weather was good

I think!

Monday’s great with friends and pilates

Tuesday happy as online orders arrive

Wednesday body stretching with yet more pilates

Thursday fun digging in the garden

Friday hilarious when out with my mum

I’m still giggling over shop dummy and policeman

That leaves yesterday’s lovely hug from my dad

He’s got advanced Alzheimer’s but he’s still my dad

weekly-small-pleasures-badge1What has made you happy this week? Do share by leaving a comment below or perhaps you’d prefer to enjoy some other moments of happiness by popping along to Mani at Weekly Small Pleasures.

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