When I spotted this challenge coming up, I thought ooh let’s have a go. However I found it really difficult, I think partly because there are more walls than fences here, and even those fences I have come across they haven’t really inspired me. So I’d decided I probably let this one pass.

The day of the challenge launch arrived and Cee’s post popped up in my inbox. She of course inspired me (when doesn’t she inspire us all?) and so I thought I’d have another go. These are my efforts.

My first I took a few minutes ago as we strolled back to the apartment. Can you see the slightly shaded lines either side of the sparrow? That’s another fence!Sparrow

The second fence I came across on an amazing walk which I’ll be telling you more about on my Algarvian blog very soon. I had in mind Cee’s third photograph in her superb post. No where near what Cee achieved of course, but in my memories as I recall the walk and the moment it’s perfect!

In the Algarvian hills

The third is out of the archives, in fact I nearly used this one in my geometric shapes post a few weeks ago but I decided I probably had enough photographs for that challenge! I nearly didn’t include it here either because wasn’t sure if I could really describe it as a fence, but I like it and so here it is. My final one is a bit of an odd ball. It caught my eye just as I was sorting the upload, and so made it by the skin of its teeth.

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