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Over the past few weeks, well months, I have been very aware I have not been staying in touch with old friends on WordPress, let alone getting to know new acquaintances. So this morning I have been managing my followed sites to try and rectify that.

Been fun as I have rediscovered old friends, caught up with others and even found a few new ones to follow. However the overwhelming feeling was that there seemed to be lots of sites, who I may have liked a post at one stage but have no recollection of deciding to follow. Did WordPress do something I wonder?

I don’t commit enough time to blogging to follow the site of every post I like, and even now despite the achievement of getting the list to below 100 I know there are going to be days if not weeks when I miss some great posts of those I do follow. I am circumspect with the email follow system as again so easy to be overwhelmed, but hopefully for the next few months I’ll be better at staying in touch.

Here are just a few of the many I have enjoyed catching up with or discovering this morning.

  • I love Sachi’s posts, so inspiring, honest and positive. I am actually annoyed with myself for losing touch, but have a plan for 2016 so hopefully won’t happen again. Here’s one she wrote last month  – It’s never too late to make a resolution
  • There are quite a few of us following Ailsa’s Where’s my Backpack, and her latest one I thought very appropriate for us here in Portugal in the middle of the carnival season.
  • Now Clare and Dean I’ve been following for a while now, but again because I had allowed My Reader to get out of control I’ve been missing their excellent posts. Just love this one of the Emu.
  • Got to know the brilliant Meg when on the Blogging101 course last summer. She writes beautifully, and this one on love is a must read.
  • Jacqui is a recent find, and what a find her blog has proved to be. Her photographs of birds are amazing, something for my other blog to aspire for.
  • And finally is another new find is Lost in Translation. Again more wonderful photographs and totally agree with Paula’s quote on time.

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