Feeling incredibly grumpy today because of a hideous experience with the mobile telephone provider MyEE. After achieving absolutely nothing after an hour online chatting to them, and feeling particularly disgruntled by their lack of empathy I decided a walk and late lunch was the only solution. Definitely helped but still needed an extra something to distract my thoughts – I really did find MyEE horrendous this morning – and wasn’t sure what else to do until I recalled Jennifer’s lovely Colour Challenge.

Today the challenge is Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown, just the name was enough to make me smile! Not sure my picture is quite Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown enough and I admit most descriptions describe the Swallow face as red or blood red. To me though the Swallow’s face appears a pinkish-brown which I believe Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown is meant to be.

Barn Swallow with a splash of Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown