Being brave here as this is a daily challenge for 120 days, and this is day 30 so I’m already a little bit behind! However Jennifer does say you can post at your leisure so my aim is to post whenever the Crayola colour matches something I have taken or seen that day. And today’s colour – Dandelion – is perfect for a flower I’ve been wondering how best to tell you about. 

Bermuda Buttercups
Bermuda Buttercup

Nope not dandelions but a flower that is the colour of dandelion. This flower is the Bermuda Buttercup, and all of these photos are of Bermuda Buttercups. Yup all of them, exactly the same flower! I know they look very different  – the one above is the single and the three pictures below are of the double.

The single Bermuda Buttercup is everywhere in the Algarve. The double is not as common, although there is quite a bit of it looking gorgeous on the edges of the salt pans here in Olhão.

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