This week Cee is asking us to think in black and while for things that start with the letter B or W. Of course being out here in the Algarve my head immediately thought of birds, after all that it what I photograph most of the time. I decided though to do something different today and as I was scrolling through my photos I came across these.

Above the western gateway

My ‘thing’ of course begins will B. The bell above and the others in this post can all be found in Faro.  

Faro is in Portugal, and is a lovely place to explore. We’ve been a few times now, in fact just a few weeks ago I was talking about it on my other blog , and that’s not the first time I’ve written about Faro. Here’s a post from nearly two years ago. You will spot the bells appear in both posts – I can’t resist them!

DSCN9788 (2)

And for some amazing black and white photographs pop across and say hi to Cee.


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