DSCN9167We are here already, and what comes to mind today is cooking today I have so many cookbooks but one of my favourites is a one my mother uses – A Good Housekeeping – Cookery Compendium. I love it so much I got a copy too. It is my ‘big black book’ and I referred to it throughout my childhood when I wanted to bake a cake, and when I had my own home I found it invaluable for pastry making and roasts!

DSCN9170It was first published in 1952, and the edition I have in front of me is from 1955. I guess this excuses the opening paragraph

It is produced with an eye to the needs of every member of the family and presented in attractive pictorial form

DSCN9169So far so good you might think but then it goes down hill from there

so that young daughters can be shown all the basics processes of cookery, and mothers can embark on ambitious recipes in the certain knowledge of success.

Here's my lovely mum around the time she was given the cookbook! PS And that's my dad behind!
Here’s my lovely mum around the time she was given the cookbook!
PS And that’s my dad behind!

Well I have to admit it does do explain the basics brilliantly as well as provide lots of complex recipes but what about the boys and fathers learning to cook too?! Really, no wonder sexism is so ingrained in our culture if even the cookbooks were setting out roles in the home. Before I really start muttering though lets remember why we are here.

It is of course day 3 of the Three Quotes Challenge. I think it is time for a bit of inspiration so I am going to turn to Virginia Woolf to remind us all, whatever your gender, it is well worth learning to cook well as;

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well

So onto rule 2 on day 3 of my 3 quotes challenge.

I am going to pass the challenge on to one of my favourite food bloggers whose recipes always entice you into the kitchen – freespiritfood – Spirited Food from Far & Wide

I know quotes are not your usual way to post Shantini, but as I have spotted a couple of quotes on your blog I am hoping you can find a way to participate. There are only two rules for this lovely challenge. 1)post a quote a day, for three consecutive days and 2) pass the challenge on to three new bloggers each day. Thank you again to my other Freespirit blogging friend for this lovely challenge.