The lovely Freespirit has challenged me today to the 3 Quotes Challenge, and Freespirit had been challenged by fascinating Voyager of Freedom.  I’ve not been that creative to date with words on my blogs, but how could I resist Freespirit’s challenge given I love reading, and often mull over what others have said.

Me aged 5
Me aged 5

I’m lucky as most days I wake feeling happy and content with the world, and the glass is nearly always half full. I wonder if it is because as a family I was always encouraged to take things positively in my stride, or as the Nannie advises in ‘The Herb of Grace’ by Elizabeth Goudge perhaps it is because as a small child I learnt the trick of detachment;

When you are sick or sorry, child, think of other things as much as you are able. It’s just practice. Start young and you’ll get the trick of it.

I like that advice. Not always easy to follow but if you can when you are feeling sad, in pain or just struggling it can help.

So onto rule 2 on day 1 of my 3 quotes challenge.

I am going to pass the challenge on to one of my favourite bloggers whose writings I always enjoy – Dr Meg Sorick

The rules are very simple Meg. In fact there are only two. 1)post a quote a day, for three consecutive days and 2) pass the challenge on to three new bloggers each day.