But not outside in the playground as it’s raining!

I’m playing tag with wordpress reader, and having so much fun I’d thought I’d encourage you to do the same.

I suspect most of us discover new blogs through blogs we already follow, for example via an award or noticing what they have recently liked. Perhaps you have tried one of the ‘Meet and Greet’ links or maybe a ‘Freshly Pressed’. All great ways to find inspiration, something new and someone to follow.

The risk of course though is that you only find those who are similar to you, and so you might miss something completely different or something posted ages ago but still remarkable.

To try and avoid this every now and then I play tag. Very easy to play and you never know where it might take you, or who it might bring to your blog.

Today I’ve been playing by exploring tags which I have never used before. It is all started after I published my ‘nora‘ post on my other blog. I was intrigued to see if anyone else had used the tags I had used.

Me as a turnip!

I started with agricultural history, and there weren’t many.  As I scrolled down the page though pictures of turnips caught my eye as it brought back memories of once dressing up as a turnip! I had to visit and it was only after I left a comment that I realised the post was over a year old. Without playing tag I would never have read the post nor remembered the day when my Primary School had a float in the village parade. Our float was called ‘The Enormous Turnip’! I like to think the author of that post (not the book!) will have a lovely surprise when they discover someone has left a comment after a year, and I hope I have made you smile with this picture!.

I thought ‘Nora’ was such an unusual tag that I would check out to see what other posts are out there. There are not many, and as you might expect mostly ‘Nora’ posts are about or by someone called ‘Nora’. Some of them are fascinating, and there was one which really caught my attention – Detrimental Definitions. I would never have found this without playing tag.

So why don’t you have a play too.

You could explore an unusual tag you have used this week or even better, open a dictionary, close your eyes and point at the page. Explore the first word you read when you open your eyes, and who knows you might also rediscover a childhood memory, find something thought provoking or simply be amazed.

Come play tag with me!

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