I had not planned to but because I half-mentioned to myself might be fun to observe the lunar eclipse my ‘internal body clock’ took due note of my fleeting thought and woke me up at 2:45am this morning. I’m so glad it did as it meant this year I was lucky enough to see both eclipses.

About 3:30am
About 3:30am

Unfortunately though as with the solar eclipse in March I did not get brilliant photos. This time it wasn’t cloud that was to blame but the bright street lights on our road. However I did manage to take a few standing on my doorstep in my dressing gown, and don’t think the neighbours saw me!

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  1. I decided to take a drive to the local marina (the only open area near me) and since on the west coast of the US it was much earlier I was not in my dressing gown.
    My pics aren’t great because it was in full eclipse when it rose here at 7:48 pm. But I got some lovely sunset shots while waiting for it.
    Glad you got to see it.

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