. . . this six word Saturday but wanted to join in the fun as it has been a while. So I thought I’d find a picture from a previous Saturday instead.


They were all taken a few years ago of a set of cottages in Norwich, where one set of my paternal great, great, great grandparent lived in the 1800’s. Unsurprisingly given the name of their home my great, great, great grandfather and his sons worked on the railways in Norwich. The women took on a variety of roles from home laundry, to domestic servants to working in the factories.

Where James lived and died
Where my great,great, great grandfather lived and died, and where my great grandfather was born

I could share much more but as I’ve now written at least 106 words instead of the 6 I think I’ll stop!

Where his son, my great great Uncle lived and my great grandfather lived for a while as a child
Where his son, my great great Uncle lived and my great grandfather lived for a while as a child

PS This was part of Cate’s wonderful Six Word Saturday to find out more click on the logo below


13 thoughts

    1. I know very lucky especially as it is still there. I’ve been less successful though in searching another set, in fact I’ve not even discovered who the great, great grandparents on that side. Hit a brick wall with my mother’s grandmother so could be a cave, palace or prison on that side!

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    1. Yikes see what you mean. I’m away from my PC today and can’t sort on my phone but will fix when I’m back home. Thanks so much for letting me know.


    2. Hiya . . I had used the wordpress colour settings so have rejected them and tried my own for now. Not perfect but at least comments can be read now, and I’ll have a play again in a few weeks when I have more time. Thanks again for letting me know, I’d missed the problem as I read comments direct rather than on the page.


    1. That’s true . . really must do some UK birdwatching sometime!!

      And yes I love these kind of cottages too, although looking at how many people lived in them when my great, great, great grandparents lived there, I suspect they may not have been a lovely to place to live at that time. Gorgeous now though 🙂

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    1. I know it is so much fun as you never know what you might find. I frequently find myself following obscure lines because the stories are so fascinating.


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