I’m going to remind myself to take a moment to hold my head still and ponder instead. There maybe more to it than meets the eye.

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Is there more to it than meets the eye?

It could be . . . . .

  • If I’m walking behind someone and they let the door close in my face – that they may have no idea what they have done. I’ll remind myself how I observed dad doing this a few weeks ago. Something I’ve never seen him do before. Unfortunately his Alzheimer’s is now at a stage where his awareness of the world around him is limited and his ability to assess impact of his actions has gone.
  • If the person in front of me is going slower than slow with their supermarket trolley – that they’ve lost their sense of balance. I’ll recall what happened to me a few years ago following a major operation. My sense of balance was not bad but my confidence at moving around a busy store had totally gone.
  • If the car in front of me forgets to indicate or even worse cuts me up – that they have had some bad news. I’ll think back to the day when I heard a friend had cancer, a loved one had died or work was a nightmare. As I recall those horrid moments I’ll remember how I was not my usual self that day or even the following week, and my attention easily wandered.
  • If I return to a house with crumbs on the floor yet again – then it might be that the person who did it simply can’t see it. On holiday with a friend a few years ago I was exasperated every time he did the dishes as I only had to do them again. Then I realised he had in fact done them brilliantly for him. He just couldn’t see what he’d left behind.

So next time I find myself shaking my head, I’ll try and remember to consider if that person is ok or imagine it was me having one of those days. I know if I was having a bad day I’d want them to do it for me.

If you like me shake your head a lot then join me in learning to pause more frequently. If we can take a moment then not only will our patience bear dividends for others but we are more likely to move on positively with our day.

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  1. It’s a nice share and I can relate to some of these, especially the one with the car indicator. Thanks and have a happy weekend 🙂

    Anand 🙂

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