Every week Cee of the wonderful Cee’s Photography Blog posts four different questions for us to answer. I’d thought I’d give it a go this Bank Holiday Monday. These are my answers to Cee’s questions in week 35 of 2015. Really week 35 of 2015? Where does the time go?!


What made me feel good this week?  Well finding the above slide  of me certainly made me smile!  What made me feel good though was going to Body Control Pilates on Wednesday evening. It makes me feel good most weeks. Body Control Pilates has transformed me, almost as though I have a new body. Three years ago I could not stand for more than 15minutes without back pain, every morning I woke up in discomfort and I was noticing that I was developing a stoop. Finally I acted upon friends’ advice and took up pilates. I chose Body Control and it has been a body saver. Every week I leave feeling taller, fitter and in a great mood. Best of all I’m no longer in pain and can stand for ages.

For potlucks or parties do you cook it yourself, buy from a grocery store, or pay for catering? Absolutely love cooking so always cook myself. Regard it as a great excuse to try something new out of one of my many (many) cookbooks.

What is your favourite part of where you live. and what country do you live in? I’ve been here 15 years the longest I have lived anywhere and whilst I have fabulous friends here and it is a lovely place to live Winchester still isn’t my favourite place. However everyone who visits us loves it and I can see why. There are some wonderful pockets which are well worth an explore. My favourite I guess is walking through the water meadows. The Winchester I live in is the original here in Hampshire, England.

My favourite place in the whole world . . . . . . . is with my husband especially when we are by the sea. I’ve lived in a few places by the sea in England, stayed in even more seaside cities, towns and villages across England, Europe, Australia, America and more. There have of course been lots and lots of day visits to the sea and I’ve loved them all.

Bonus Question – What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m grateful my parents are still here, and despite the Alzheimer’s disease we are still having lots of happy days, laughter and good memory making moments.

Granddad outside his shed
Granddad outside his Allotment shed at Whetstone Strays in the late 60s/early 70s

I am looking forward to this coming weekend in London with my husband, his fabulous daughters and my mum. Mostly our plans involve food and celebrating my husband’s Birthday. My mum and I though are also squeezing in a bit of shopping and most excitingly a trip to the allotments my grandparents once had for the Allotments 70th Anniversary Show.

Nana working on the allotment
Nana working on the allotment

It actually will be quite a special afternoon because we will be presenting a cup in their memory more than 30years after they died. The cup is called the Novice Cup and you can find out a little more about here. Unfortunately my father won’t be joining us  – they were his parents – but we are looking forward to telling him all about afterwards.

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    1. Thanks and yes they are lovely but no not marshes. They are areas of pasture in the river valley which are deliberately flooded to encourage grass growth. Some are naturally formed flooding each year others there are sluices and gates to manage the water.


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