Most of us have played it as children, or perhaps as an adult with our nephews, nieces, and grandchildren. I’m talking of course of 20 Questions.  Have you though seen the 20 questions ball, or perhaps you have a box?  My sister-in-law bought a 20Q™ for me about 10 years ago, and I’m still challenging it today.


Thought this morning you might like to have a go alongside me.  Are you ready?

  1. Question one is the opening question and so has a few parts to it.  Is it an Animal? No, Vegetable? No, Mineral? No, Other? Yes

  2. Do you hold it when you use it?  Yes

  3. Is it used in travel? Yes

  4. Does it come in a box?  Yes

  5. Does it use electricity?  No

  6. Do you use it at work?   Sometimes

  7. Is it hard? Yes

  8. Does it roll? Yes

  9. Is it made of metal? No

  10. Can it fit in an envelope? Yes

  11. Is it used for communication? No

  12. Can you smell it? No

  13. Can you put something into it? No

  14. Is it usually colourful? No

  15. Is it straight? Yes

  16. Can it be used more than once? Hmm think I’ll say sometimes

  17. Is it smaller than a golf ball?  Yes

  18. Is it shiny? No

  19. Do most people use this daily? No

  20. Could it be found in a classroom? Unlikely so I’ll say no

This is it time to work it out after 20 questions.  Can you? Not sure I could reading my answers to those questions.  Well if you haven’t quite worked it out, don’t worry you are not alone as the 20Q™ asked me ‘Is it an asprin?’ and my answer was No!  But it has a second chance, well a further 5 questions actually.  Here we go . . . .
  1. Would you use it daily? Sometimes

  2. Can you use it with your friends?  No

  3. Does it get wet? Clever . . .Yes

  4. Can it bend without breaking? ooh think it knows!  The answer of course to this question is No

  5. Do you use it in public? Definitely knows what I’m thinking of as this is a yes although many people are discreet if they do use it in public.

Have you worked it out?  I’ll give you a moment to think it over before I tell you what 20Q™ asked me. I’m pretty sure 20Q™ has read my mind.

We bought this wonderful toothpick holder in Tavira!

It asked . . . ‘Is it a toothpick?’
And of course the answer was
Want to play again, well you can with 20Q™ online by clicking here.  Be warned though it is addictive!