I’ve always known how to change a Blog title and tagline, and on my other blog I’ve been playing around with that for a while. Here though I’ve given it less thought until today when Blogging101 set us the task of taking control of our title and tagline. They gave us some good examples and excellent tips:

Avoid repeating your site title. Your tagline is a space to share some context on what your site is about. Take advantage of it.

Keep it short and sweet. Thirty and 40 word taglines leave us breathless. Be concise.

Be original. Don’t let your blog’s tagline become another in the sea of “musings about thoughts” — make sure it tells us something about you

After reading their assignment email though I just sat there in my chair and gulped!

You see up until now this blog has been rather random and decidedly sporadic, and so I had previously only thought to describe what I wrote about. That description was not inspiring!

With the help of Blogging101 I’m hoping to change this blog into something more.  However I’m not 100% sure what it will be yet so that made creating a title and tagline a real challenge for me.  However I have come up with an idea which I hope gives me and the blog the flexibility to see where it goes, and gives you the reader a little bit of context, some intrigue and possibly encourage you to stick around.  I’m going to be very brave now and say ‘Let me know what you think by leaving a comment’.

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  1. Hi Becky. Like the title and the tagline tells me exactly what to expect. And what I expect to see in future posts is some thoughts on the distractions and oddities about life and what it decides to throw at you. Sounds like a fun site and I look forward to following you.


  2. I like the tagline – it adds a bit of context to the title (The Live of a 40 Something could be about pretty much anything, after all) and provides the reader with an idea of what to expect, but won’t tie you down in any way. Good job 🙂


    1. oh thanks Jackie, really appreciate your feedback. When I saw yesterday we were going to be doing taglines today I didn’t think too much of it, but then this morning . . . . . . .hopefully I’ve got there 🙂


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