My posts have been a little bit irregular here and also on my other blog too recently so thought I’d grab the opportunity to brush up on blogging skills as a way of getting back in the routine with the added benefit of improving both blogs.

So hi Blogging101 I’m looking forward to the course over the next 3 weeks.

Simply signing up yesterday has already had an impact as I’ve had fun yesterday adding galleries to both blogs. Today though, day one of the course, I know it getting back to basics. So here goes…….

I first signed up to WordPress so I could contribute in my own right to a work blog. Then I got the blogging bug! It’s always been a bit of a intermittent bug though with weeks of infestation followed by droughts. I want this to change as I’ve found reading other blogs and writing my own is a great way to be creative and keep the brain cells ticking over. You also get to meet some great people.

My other blog – Delights of the Algarve has sort of been my main one. Whereas this blog I’ve always regarded up until now as my occasional one for random thoughts and photographs. It works quite well when I’m in Portugal but now back home I’ve realised this setup is discouraging me from writing. So this needs to change too.

I’ve already learnt quite a few blogging tricks and skills from browsing the web. So much help out there. However thinking about the changes I need to make and creating the galleries yesterday has highlighted how much I don’t know so when blogging101 appeared in my Reader it was like a sign!

So here I am, ready to learn with a little help from Septimus!


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    1. Hi Maddy thank you, he can be a pain though sometimes! I think sporadically is the curse of most of us part time bloggers!!


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