Tiggy & Septimus
Tiggy & Septimus

In 2011 I shared this picture with friends saying “after 4 years of loathing on one side and adoration on the other, could we now have mutual friendship?!”

The answer four years later is ‘no, only tolerance’!


By the way this is my first post as part of ‘Six Word Saturday‘ a brilliant idea by Cate which I discovered via the fabulous blog – Restless Jo.  To find out more follow the links in this paragraph.

I’ll be back next Saturday or if you can’t wait until then pop across to my more regular blog – Hidden Delights.


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  1. Welcome to 6WS! My cats barely tolerated each other. The only time they were next to each other was when the doorbell rang and they both hid under the bed!

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    1. My pleasure – I so enjoy reading your posts. I would reply about the weather as sitting outside in tshirts at 7pm but I won’t!!!!


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