Isn’t this gorgeous and also very clever.



 Wake up and smell the hyacinths!






I’ve been playing again.  Can you tell?  It all started when Suzanne wrote a guest post for Thursday’s Special entitled Abstract.  Looking for a subject matter with which to create an abstract or two, I turned to the flowers I’d bought that day.  I have never seen hyacinths used as cut flowers before, but I think they work rather well alongside a purple iris or two.  And when I come downstairs on a morning, I have the wonderful fragrance of Spring.

I do have a tendency to get carried away though.  Remember Lunapic?


It hurts your eyes after a while, but isn’t it clever?  I used to love my kaleidoscope as a child, and what could be more abstract?

I hope you find something that makes you happy this weekend.  Why not share it, in six words, with Cate at Show…

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  1. Like the observant person I am, I’ve just realised this is on your other blog. I looked for a link to this blog from Olhao but couldn’t see one, then had the ‘brainwave’ to return here. 🙂

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